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A rear end vehicle crash can seemingly come out of nowhere if you were minding your business and following rules of the road when someone suddenly hits your vehicle from behind. The most common injuries associated with rear end accidents can represent significant lost time at work and medical expenses for you as the victim. Understanding your rights and knowing how to proceed with the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer is vital to developing a claim. Many of the most common injuries associated with rear end vehicle crashes can impact a victim’s life for weeks, months or even years following the incident. Proper illustration of the severity of the injuries and the likely impact on the victim’s life is important for the recovery of maximum compensation. Even though many of these rear end accidents occur at low speeds, they can still lead to significant injuries. There are seven common injuries typically linked to rear end vehicle accidents. These include:
· Paralysis
· Spinal cord injury
· Disfigurement
· Brain injury
· Whiplash
· Broken bones
· Concussion
The body is most likely to have injured skeletal structure in a rear end crash and the surrounding nerves. This means a whiplash like injury is one of the most commonly reported by someone who has been struck in a rear end accident. These type of soft tissue injuries can represent significant day to day pain and can be hard to show in your medical records. You may not even realize the impact of a soft tissue injury until sometime after the accident has passed.

Getting appropriate medical evaluation as soon as possible after the incident has occurred can greatly increase your chances of recovery of compensation and ability to focus on the medical treatment you will need to get better. A rear end crash may need to be evaluated immediately by an experienced personal injury attorney who has worked in the field for years to give you the best possible chance of maximum recovery in the course. No one deserves to be a victim in a rear end accident caused by someone else, but you do have rights.

Do you already know a person who has lived to tell the tale about a serious trucking accident? If so, you’re not alone- many people have had to go through the ordeal of trying to fight through pain medication, surgery, and rehab because of a preventable trucking accident caused by a negligent driver.

Anyone who has survived a trucking accident knows that the consequences can be catastrophic. The medical bills associated with a trucking accident are overwhelming for anyone and the toll associated with the loss of loved one in a preventable trucking accident can be too much to bear. The trucking industry is experiencing major shortages across the country; meaning that trucking companies may be taking on less experienced drivers and rushing the training process in order to get those drivers working as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it may be the victims in trucking accidents who ultimately pay the price for this type of behavior in the future. It is expected that the shortfall will continue to grow in coming years.

In 2015, that shortfall was approximately 45,000 drivers. However, in 2017 analysis conducted by the American Trucking Association, anticipates that this deficit will reach 50,000 by the end of the year and could grow in the next ten years by six figures. Many truck drivers are approaching retirement and given that the average age of a truck driver in the United States is 49, it is anticipated that more truck drivers than ever will be contemplating retirement in the coming years.

This means that many trucking industry jobs will be opening for those who are interested, but this could lead to major consequences for those who are hurt in an accident by a driver who was not experienced or who took the job without the proper training. Liability in trucking accidents can be very complex and should only be handled by an experienced attorney who is dedicated to pursuing maximum recovery for the victim.

Did you know that more than half of all of the reported TBIs in the United States are the result of an automobile accident? A TBI can happen in any situation in which a force penetrates or fractures the skull or when the brain suddenly moves forward and backward.

When an incident like this happens, the long-term impacts on the accident victim can be overwhelming. Family members may be required to step in and help. The victim may not be fully able to return to work in any capacity. This has ripple effects throughout the family.

These actions are very common during a vehicle accident. When the skull strikes the windshield or the steering wheel, this can lead to a fracture or a penetration injury. There could be an open wound to the skull as a result of an auto accident but this is not required for someone to develop a TBI. The sheer force of such an accident can cause the brain to collide against the internal bones of the skull. Blunt trauma is a more severe type of head injury that can also happen when you strike a stationary object when an open wound may be sustained.

When a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury occurs because of a serious accident, debilitating injuries can impact a victim’s way of life. There are many different factors that need to be evaluated to figure out how this will influence the victim’s life long term and what he or she should do to protect their interests.

A personal injury claim filed against the responsible party may be the only way for a victim to recover full and fair compensation. Because TBIs are notoriously difficult and expensive to treat, health insurance alone may not cover the full range of injuries sustained by a person. This is why hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is the only way to figure out what parties could be held accountable for their actions in the accident and what type of compensation may be available to an injured party who has sustained a TBI.

In any personal injury case, your future could be on the line in terms of getting the support you need to pay for your medical care. Determining who can be held responsible is a task your personal injury lawyer should help you with immediately so that you can put this issue behind you and move forward into a successful future. It’s never easy to live through any type of accident, whether it’s a vehicle crash or a slip and fall. Your chance to get the money you need for medical treatment depends on your willingness to hire and work directly with a lawyer who has your best interests in mind. This means your lawyer should be prepared to determine liability quickly to file your injury case effectively.

If you have been hurt and believe someone else’s negligence is the cause of the injuries you have sustained, you may hear numerous types of legal terminology thrown around regarding your ability to file a claim. One of these is vicarious liability. This means that a principal person or entity could be held liable for the conduct or misconduct of his agents. This may arise in cases such a as truck driver who caused an accident. You may be eligible to have a claim against the truck driver and the truck driver’s employer as well.

The primary concept here is whether or not the agent was acting on behalf of the principal at the time of the accident. Vicarious liability has become increasingly important in a number of litigated cases over recent years. Knowing when vicarious liability applies and how to identify all potentially responsible parties in an accident is extremely important. Your rights and ability to recover compensation depend on speaking with an experienced and dedicated lawyer.

Given that there is so much at stake including your chance to recover and go back to work and live your life as normal, you cannot afford to wait to hire a personal injury lawyer who has a track record of exploring issues of liability and doing everything possible to protect your interests.


When you engage in a legal claim for compensation after an accident, the insurance company may try to settle with you at any stage of the case. This can happen even when you’re in the midst of litigation as the insurance company realizes the costs of continuing with legal expenses.

However, as an accident victim, you don’t have to accept the first settlement offer presented to you. In fact, this could be a big mistake if your injuries are severe and you’re not sure what a fair offer is. That’s something your personal injury lawyer can help you with. Only after you’ve receive a diagnosis from a doctor can you really know what your injuries are going to cost you in the future- you might be looking at surgeries, physical therapy, drugs, and in-home assistance to help you adjust to life post-accident.

Most injured victims don’t know what to expect with settlement and in the heat of the moment, a settlement offer in a lump sum from the insurance company can be tempting. It might seem like enough to help you get back on your feet, but what about years in the future?

A settlement offer from the insurance company has to incorporate more than just immediate expenses, especially if you have severe injuries like a TBI or paralysis. You’ll need expert witness testimony from doctors about what’s realistic in terms of your care now and in the future.

When you have a personal injury lawyer who has worked in this field for years, you’ll have a better sense of a fair and full settlement. You can push back and negotiate with the insurance company, armed with the experience of a dedicated injury lawyer.

Remember that in all stages of your personal injury claim, you’ve got the years of experience of your lawyer working with you. You can ask questions and learn more about how the process works by relying on a law firm you can trust. Your rights should be at the forefront of your lawyer’s considerations in an injury claim and after accepting a settlement offer. Make sure you fight for maximum compensation to allow you to recover.

Witnesses of any kind — both lay witnesses and expert witnesses — can help bolster your car accident claim. Lay witnesses are typically individuals who saw the car accident take place and can provide a testimony about what happened. Meanwhile, expert witnesses are doctors, accident reconstructionists, and other professionals that can provide an expert opinion. Here’s why your car accident case can benefit from having an expert witness on board.

Lay Witness Testimony

Lay witnesses can testify to the court about who may be responsible for an accident. They can be particularly useful in cases where the other party’s insurance company is disputing fault. For example, a lay witness who saw the accident can testify who made an illegal left turn or ran a stop sign. Or, they could provide testimony about a lack of traffic control or signs at the scene of the accident. If there are any lay witnesses available in your case, it’s crucial that you secure their written or verbal testimony.

Expert Testimony

The court considers professionals who have specialized training in a certain field an “expert” in that field. Good examples of expert witnesses that may be valuable to a car accident case are health care providers, such as the doctor who first treated you in the emergency room, accident specialists, and economists. A health care provider may be able to tell the court why your injuries are significant. They also may say how you will be affected by them now and in the future. An economist can provide accurate projections for wages and other expenses that should be compensated.

These types of expert witnesses are critical to obtaining full and fair compensation from a claim. The insurance company may try to lowball you when it comes to estimating future wages. On the other hand, an economist can testify why you should receive a higher amount.

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Distracted drivers cause more car accidents today than ever before. However, to have a successful claim against a driver, you must be able to show that they were distracted. This can be challenging to do in some cases. Here are four ways you can bring proof that they weren’t paying attention when the accident occurred.

1. Witness Testimony

If other people witnessed the accident — including bystanders and passengers in your car or theirs — you could secure testimony from them. They may have witnessed what happened right before and during the accident. If, for example, a passenger in the other driver’s car reports cell phone use right before the collision, this may be enough evidence to determine fault.

2. Video Footage

If the accident occurred outside of a business, you could secure video footage of the accident. This can show a driver weaving into the oncoming lane or rear-ending you without slowing down. This could show they were not aware of you in front of them. If your accident occurred around any establishment that you think may have video cameras, be sure to ask your lawyer about obtaining video evidence.

3. Cell Phone Records

With today’s technology being so readily available, operating a smartphone while driving isn’t as uncommon as it should be considering how easily it causes accidents. Anytime you are hit by another vehicle, it’s important to have the driver’s cell phone records pulled to make sure they weren’t on their phone at the time of the accident. Browser history can be checked as well as text message and call history. If the cell phone records reveal that the driver was, for example, texting and driving, at the time of the collision, this can be solid proof of distraction.

4. Admission of Guilt

While the other driver is unlikely to admit they were distracted, this does occur sometimes, especially right after the accident. The driver may rush to your vehicle saying, “I’m so sorry, I was changing the radio station!” Be sure to note what the other driver says to you after the incident, if anything.

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Although evidence is important in every motor vehicle accident case, it could not be more crucial in the case of commercial truck accidents. There are a few key pieces of evidence that prove valuable when determining fault. This evidence is integral to collecting compensation. Here’s what you need to know about investigating a commercial truck accident. Learn how you can get the help you need from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Documenting the Scene of the Accident

After everyone receives medical attention, photographs will be taken. Accident reconstructionists and police officers will do their best to piece together what happened to cause the collision. This is done by looking at the position of the vehicles after the crash. They also review where the damage is located and how severe it is on each vehicle involved.

Looking at the Record of Duty Log

One of the first things to secure and examine after a commercial truck accident is the record of duty log. This is where a truck driver records his or her hours spent driving and not driving, the route taken, and where the driver stopped. This can become significant if evidence shows the driver operated the truck for more than the legally allowed amount of hours. Or, if the driver stopped at a bar or liquor store and then immediately resumed driving.

Evaluating Computer Data

Paper logs were used many years ago. However, today’s trucks are equipped with a black box that houses a computer which records important data. For example, this data may reveal how fast the truck driver was going just before the accident occurred. It also tells if the brakes were applied before the accident. Black box data can be quickly overwritten or deleted. Therefore, it’s important that an attorney secure this information as quickly as possible after the crash.

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Many people mistakenly assume that a driver in a single car accident is at fault. Therefore, no claim can be brought forward for financial compensation. Depending on the circumstances of the case, if you’ve lost a loved one in a single car crash, you may still be able to file a wrongful death suit against an at-fault party. But who would the at-fault party be? Here’s what you should know.

Vehicle Manufacturing Defects

In many single car accidents, a problem with the vehicle either caused the accident or contributed to it becoming deadly. For example, vehicle manufacturers could be held responsible in fatal car accidents when:

  • The brakes do not function as they should and prevent an individual from stopping or slowing down
  • A tire blows out at a high speed, causing the vehicle to careen off course
  • A vehicle’s design makes it much more prone to rollovers, increasing the risk of fatality significantly
  • A vehicle’s airbags do not deploy

In one particular instance, General Motors recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles due to a faulty ignition switch that caused numerous crashes, injuries, and deaths. The ignition switch in question could easily slip into the accessory position while the vehicle was in “drive”. This could cause the sudden loss of power braking, power steering, and in some instances, preventing the airbags from deploying.

How to Bring Forward a Wrongful Death Claim

If your loved one was killed in a single car accident, consider various factors contributing to the accident. Even if speeding or inclement weather were involved, a vehicle defect may have still played a role. Your loved one deserves justice. If there’s a possibility that a vehicle defect was responsible for their death, the manufacturer of the vehicle should be held accountable.

At the Sarkisian Law Firm, we have experience working with clients who have lost loved ones in all types of car accidents. we understand the difficulties ahead for you and your family and we’re committed to providing you with zealous, compassionate legal advocacy in your time of need. We will evaluate every aspect of your loved one’s accident to determine what may have factored into their passing.

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Fidget spinners seem to be everywhere these days — in the grocery store, at gas stations, even at school fundraisers. It’s the new toy that young children and teens can’t seem to keep their hands off of. These toys can be helpful for children who suffer from attention deficit disorders. However, there are reports of safety issues across the country.

Here’s what you should know about fidget spinner safety. Find out what steps to take if your child is harmed by a defective spinner.

What Makes Fidget Spinners Dangerous?

Fidget spinners in and of themselves generally aren’t something to worry too much about. Older children may not have any issues with fidget spinners. However, some models can be particularly concerning. For example, some models have small batteries or parts that could be swallowed. Other models are small enough to be swallowed whole by very small children. Still other models are manufactured using lead. Parts made of lead are dangerous for children who ingest the parts or play with them so often that they are at risk for lead poisoning.

Often, fidget spinner toys are packaged without much labeling, including warning information about small parts or choking hazards. This may be in direct violation of federal law.

The Liability Problem with Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are not created and patented by a single brand, unlike many “fad” toys of the past. Many manufacturers have copied the design and offer their own version. These versions may be similar to other designs like it or have lights, extra prongs, or different patterns.

Because no single manufacturer makes fidget spinners, and the manufacturers of each spinner are sometimes obscure, holding a company responsible for injuries can be difficult without the help of an experienced attorney. An attorney can help you identify a designer or manufacturer of a defective spinner and can help you bring a product liability claim forward.

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At the Sarkisian Law Offices, our attorneys are aware of the dangers that fidget spinners pose to children and teens. If your child is harmed by a fidget spinner in any way, contact us to learn more about your legal options. We may be able to help you locate the manufacturer of the toy and bring forward a claim for compensation for any damages you and your child have suffered as a result of the injury.

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