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There Are Attorneys at the Scene of My Truck Accident — What Do I Do?

Posted on : June 15, 2016
Indiana Truck Accident Attorney
Trucking companies have to deal with accidents caused by their employees often, so they tend to have a system in place that sometimes involves dispatching attorneys to the scene of the accident before the vehicles are moved and while the police are taking statements. This can be extremely intimidating! Here’s how to handle the situation [Read More]
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Distracted Driving — It’s Not Just Cell Phone Use

Posted on : June 3, 2016
Indiana Car Accident Lawyer
Many people make the mistake of assuming that distracted driving refers only to cell phone use. While cell phone use while driving is distracted driving, it is not the only definition of it. There are many other behaviors that people engage in behind the wheel that are distracting and cause accidents. Here’s what you need [Read More]
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