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Has an Insurance Company Denied Your Claim?

Posted on : February 24, 2017
Indiana Insurance Claims Attorneys
Insurance companies are, like most establishments, in business to make money. Paying out every claim they receive would not allow them to make a profit, so they work hard to deny claims whenever possible. Insurance adjusters look for every possible reason a claim could be denied and in some cases, may even deny claims that [Read More]
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What You Need to Prove If You Were Injured in the Workplace

Posted on : February 7, 2017
Indiana Work Injury Lawyer
If you were injured in the workplace, you may be eligible to bring a claim forward for workers’ compensation. However, the burden of proof in such cases always lies on the plaintiff. It’s up to the victim to prove that the injury occurred at work. Also, the victim must prove that a workplace condition directly [Read More]
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