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Drivers Do Not Believe Texting And Driving Is Dangerous

Posted on : July 15, 2018
Although plenty of studies have detailed the gruesome realities of texting and driving accidents and most people have been personally connected to some form of distracted driven accident in their lifetime, a study found recently that less-experienced drivers and women were much more likely to use their phone while driving despite the fact that texting [Read More]
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Injury Deaths Among Youth on The Rise

Posted on : June 9, 2018
Any parent gets nervous about the teenager ready to get a driver’s license- and for good reason. Injury deaths among teens are on the rise, and one of the most dangerous times of the year are those summer months. Death from injuries for young adults have been on the rise in recent years, prompting many [Read More]
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Car Accident Victims May Legitimately Suffer From PTSD

Posted on : May 9, 2018
Although Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is typically associated with the experiences of veterans, it is important to realize that PTSD can develop after any traumatic or stressful situation. If you discover that you have emotional and other negative side effects from suffering in an accident, you should discuss treatment options with your doctor [Read More]
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How Do I Know If I’ve Sustained a Catastrophic Injury?

Posted on : April 10, 2018
Do you believe that you were recently hurt in an accident and that it was caused by another’s negligent behavior? If so, you may be able to file an injury claim with the help of a lawyer. Anyone who is hurt in an accident has the right to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer [Read More]
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Rising Awareness Over Sunroof Ejection Accidents May Prompt Further Specifications

Posted on : March 11, 2018
As summer gets closer, it’s tempting to open up the sunroof and take in some fresh air and vitamin D. But have you ever wondered whether or not your sunroof could make you more likely to get ejected from your car? Sunroofs are becoming increasingly popular and they are also growing in size. However, the [Read More]
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What Injuries are Most Commonly Associated with Rear End Crashes?

Posted on : February 6, 2018
get help after a rear end accident
A rear end vehicle crash can seemingly come out of nowhere if you were minding your business and following rules of the road when someone suddenly hits your vehicle from behind. The most common injuries associated with rear end accidents can represent significant lost time at work and medical expenses for you as the victim. [Read More]
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What the Increasing Demands in the Trucking Industry Could Mean for Personal Injury Accidents

Posted on : January 19, 2018
trucking accidents may become more common in coming years
Do you already know a person who has lived to tell the tale about a serious trucking accident? If so, you’re not alone- many people have had to go through the ordeal of trying to fight through pain medication, surgery, and rehab because of a preventable trucking accident caused by a negligent driver. Anyone who [Read More]
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What You Need to Know About Car Accident TBIs

Posted on : December 12, 2017
If you have a TBI, you need an injury lawyer
Did you know that more than half of all of the reported TBIs in the United States are the result of an automobile accident? A TBI can happen in any situation in which a force penetrates or fractures the skull or when the brain suddenly moves forward and backward. When an incident like this happens, [Read More]
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What is Vicarious Liability in a Personal Injury Case?

Posted on : November 27, 2017
hire a lawyer to help with vicarious liability in a lawsuit
In any personal injury case, your future could be on the line in terms of getting the support you need to pay for your medical care. Determining who can be held responsible is a task your personal injury lawyer should help you with immediately so that you can put this issue behind you and move [Read More]
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Personal Injury Settlements 101

Posted on : November 12, 2017
your lawyer can help with an injury claim settlement
When you engage in a legal claim for compensation after an accident, the insurance company may try to settle with you at any stage of the case. This can happen even when you’re in the midst of litigation as the insurance company realizes the costs of continuing with legal expenses. However, as an accident victim, [Read More]
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