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What You Need to Prove If You Were Injured in the Workplace

Posted on : February 7, 2017
Indiana Work Injury Lawyer
If you were injured in the workplace, you may be eligible to bring a claim forward for workers’ compensation. However, the burden of proof in such cases always lies on the plaintiff. It’s up to the victim to prove that the injury occurred at work. Also, the victim must prove that a workplace condition directly [Read More]
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Federal Report Suggests Indiana’s Workplace Agency Is Jeopardizing Worker Safety

Posted on : March 7, 2016
The role of Indiana’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) is to protect Hoosiers from hazards in the workplace that may cause injury, illness or death. The agency is responsible for setting and enforcing safety standards and regulations for businesses in various industries across the state.   A new federal monitoring report indicates, however, that IOSHA is failing [Read More]
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On the Job Accident FAQ

Posted on : May 14, 2015
In some industries, on the job accidents are more common than others. For example: It’s more likely that a construction worker may be involved in an accident in the workplace than someone who has a job in an office. However, accidents can truly occur anywhere, and if you or a loved one were injured in an [Read More]
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