Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Legal Help for Car Accidents, Brain Injuries, and More

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence. If you have suffered a personal injury resulting from a car accident, you may have severe and long-lasting effects that require extensive medical treatment.

If you depend on the evaluation of an insurance company, this type of injury may not be not properly treated or diagnosed. There is no reason to take a chance with your health or future, so contact a car accident injury attorney serving Northwest Indiana to determine your options.

Often after a car accident, the extent of injuries may not be obvious. Not all injuries become apparent until days later. Car accidents can create strong and painful impacts to various parts of your body.

Some of the more severe injuries can involve:

  • injuries to the back and neck
  • fractures
  • death

Severe injuries, such as those to the back and spine, can result in debilitating pain as well as a severe loss of mobility. Fractures and head injuries can also lead to long-term health issues that affect your daily life for years to come.

Semi-Truck Accidents

Each year, thousands of people are injured or killed on our highways. A sizeable portion of these accidents involve crashes caused by trucks.

For more than 25 years, the injury lawyers at Sarkisian Law Offices have represented injured people and the families of those killed in these types of crashes.

At Sarkisian Law Offices, we developed a procedure used to learn about the safety history of truck drivers and the companies employing them.

This procedure has helped protect the rights of those involved. Often, conducting this investigation thoroughly and competently can be the only means of requiring that a trucking company and its insurance company take full responsibility for the losses caused by a negligent driver.

Due to the increased weight and size of a truck, the impact trucks create in an accident can be much more severe than car accidents.

Injury lawyers involved in trucking accident cases need to know the laws governing trucks and loads.

There can be many at-fault parties in an accident, as the negligent party can be:

  • the truck driver
  • the cargo loader
  • the owner of the trailer or tractor

Liability issues in these cases can become quite complex. Don’t leave it up to an insurance company to decide for you.

Contact us today to represent you in your truck accident injury claim. Our team will conduct our own investigation to determine the liability issues on your behalf. At Sarkisian Law Offices, we express care and compassion to all our clients in obtaining the compensation they need and deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are fun to ride, but they can also be dangerous. Since the riders are exposed, motorcycle accidents contribute to more severe injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, whether you were the driver or passenger, you need someone who will safeguard your legal rights. Do not take chances with your health or well-being.

Contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Merrillville to determine what the best options are for you. You will receive a free initial consultation to determine the extent of your claim.

Pedestrian Accidents

In an accident involving motor vehicles and pedestrians, the vehicles will always win. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines a pedestrian as any person that is:

  • on foot
  • walking
  • running
  • jogging
  • hiking
  • sitting
  • lying down

Some situations increase the risk of pedestrian accidents, including:

  • Low visibility caused by clouds, fog, or bright sunrays
  • Low visibility at night
  • Unpredictable driving conditions caused by rain, snow, or ice
  • Impaired driving

Accidents may be avoided by taking these proper safety precautions:

  • When driving, always remember to yield to pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right-of-way even where crosswalks are not designated.

  • When turning onto a new street or driving around a corner, be cautious with any pedestrians that may be crossing the road, especially in urban or residential areas.

Catastrophic Injuries

Because your back and spine are the key areas that control the movement of your arms and legs, an injury to this area can cause debilitating pain, as well as severe loss of mobility.

The spine works as the main support for the spinal cord and the nerve pathways to the body. Injuring this area can create catastrophic results.

If you have been involved in an accident and sustained a back or spine injury, do not take chances with your future well-being; contact a personal injury attorney serving Merrillville to determine your options.

We recommend you contact us for a free initial consultation to determine the extent of your claim. Don’t leave this up to your insurance company. You deserve professional help today.

Wrongful Death

Nothing is more devastating to a family than the loss of a parent, spouse, or child that occurs because of the negligence of others. Having represented grieving families of those killed by negligent acts, we know that legal action can never truly compensate for such a loss.

The State of Indiana has made provisions to help protect families in these cases by requiring wrongdoers to take responsibility for the death they cause.

While there is no way to replace a loved one, Indiana law gives survivors certain protections in these types of cases.

At Sarkisian Law Offices, we work to protect the rights of the survivors to help preserve the quality of life that they once enjoyed.

Train Accidents

The number of commuters using the train for daily transportation throughout Indiana has increased in the last decade. With increased use comes an increased risk of train accidents.

Accidents may happen due to:

  • distracted railway engineers
  • poor railway maintenance
  • unsafe operators
  • a vehicle or pedestrian crossing the tracks without taking proper precaution

Railway companies and train engineers are required to operate within certain safety guidelines. Similarly, passengers crossing the railway by foot, bike, or car should also adhere to safety rules.

Regardless of how far away a train may seem, trains travel at high speeds, and engineers are not always able to see you or your vehicle when crossing. Stopping a train quickly is not an option for some of these common railway accidents.

If you have been injured in a train or railway accident, Sarkisian Law Offices can help determine your rights and responsibilities.

Aviation Accidents

Accidents involving planes are almost always fatal. When they’re not, serious life-altering injuries can occur that will affect the injured person’s ability to function for the rest of their lives.

If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of plane crash, helicopter accident or other aviation accident, you need legal representation to help you though the complex claims process.

Your attorney will protect your right to fair compensation for damages after being injured.

We can also assist bereaved families who have lost a loved one in any aviation accident.

Construction Injuries

When you are working on a construction site, there are areas of the premises which can be hazardous.

If you have been injured in a construction site accident, you need a Merrillville personal injury attorney to assist you in dealing with the various complex issues that are very likely to arise in this type of a claim.

There are certain OSHA regulations all construction sites must meet. Injuries can easily occur through the negligence of others at the work site.

Other contractors, sub-contractors and vendors who have their equipment or machinery on the premises may be negligent in some manner in the way they were performing their functions.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction site accident, it can become a legal tangle to determine which party is negligent in such an accident. It could be that more than one contractor is responsible for the mishap.

Our attorneys at Sarkisian Law Offices will investigate all of the issues involved at a construction site to identify the negligent party.

Steel Mill Injuries

Working in a steel mill can be very hazardous. Any area where heavy equipment or machinery is used can be a dangerous work environment.

Workers may have to deal with:

  • forklifts
  • heavy equipment
  • heavy machinery
  • other hazardous work conditions

Many types of injuries can occur in this environment, including:

  • back injuries
  • head and spinal cord injuries
  • falls
  • burns
  • environmental hazards
    • asbestos-related illnesses, also known as mesothelioma

Whenever someone is injured or falls ill in this type of location, it is important that they have legal counsel to advise them of their rights. If you or a loved one has been injured in a steel mill accident, it is important to have the representation of an experienced personal injury attorney by your side.

Factory Injuries

If you work in a factory, you have a higher chance of being involved in an accident at work than many other occupations.

Factory accidents are typically more severe due to the heavy equipment used. Any type of factory injury can affect your health and well-being for the rest of your life.

If you or a loved one has been severely injured due to some type of wrongdoing in the workplace, you may be entitled to just compensation for your losses.

Indiana has a high incidence of factory accidents, with some involving:

  • faulty equipment
  • poor training
  • improper safety guidelines

If you or a loved one have sustained a factory injury please contact an experienced Northwest Indiana injury attorney from Sarkisian Law Offices to ensure your rights are protected.

Workplace Injuries

In Indiana, we know the value of a good job. A working person who is injured on the job faces many hardships:

  • the loss of future income
  • the inability to do the job as before
  • a family’s loss of the quality of life they once had

At Sarkisian Law Offices, we believe that working men and women should be provided a safe workplace.

For over 30 years, we have represented working people and their families in cases involving the negligent conduct of others that result in injuries. We believe that state and federal laws passed to protect working men and women should be obeyed by companies. When they are not, we will work to protect the rights of injured workers and their families so that they receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Injuries can occur in any workplace environment; however, some are obviously more dangerous than others. Working in an office presents much less risk compared to a craftsman or laborer working on a construction site or in a factory.

All workplace environments must have some kind of OSHA or other safety or regulatory steps that employers need to take for the well-being of their employees. When these steps are shorted, ignored and negligently left out, accidents can happen and people can get injured.

If you have suffered a work-related injury resulting from an accident, contact one of our expert injury attorneys serving Merrillville.

Brain Injuries

If you or a loved one suffered from an accident-related brain injury, you may have severe and long-lasting effects that require extensive medical treatment.

Sometimes, this type of injury is not always properly treated or diagnosed. Symptoms of a brain injury include:

  • memory loss
  • confusion
  • personality changes

To protect your personal and family interests, retaining the services of a strong, dedicated personal injury lawyer is crucial to the outcome of your case.

If you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible for a free initial consultation to determine the extent of your claim.

Back/Neck/Spine Injuries

Back, neck and spine injuries can affect your spinal cord and are caused by a variety of sources including:

  • motor vehicle accidents (cars, trucks, boats, buses and airplanes)
  • falls
  • motorcycle crashes
  • other severe impacts

These types of accidents can damage your back, neck or spine leading to:

  •  paralysis
  • loss of motor skills
  • inability to feel in the affected limbs
  • other ill effects

Any of these injuries can have devastating effects, sometimes requiring long-term care that may or may not bring you back to your prior health.

If you or a loved one have sustained such an injury, you will need caring and compassionate counsel who can properly evaluate your claim.

We urge you to contact us today to begin handling your claim.

Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

Many accidents occur in different locations as a result of a slip, trip or fall accident. These accidents occur as a result of:

  • improper lighting
  • poor maintenance of walkways
  • spills that have not been cleaned up
  • various other reasons

Because this type of accident if often embarrassing, some individuals tend to not report their accident, when in fact they have suffered an injury and require treatment.

If you or a loved one has suffered a slip, trip or fall accident, contact a professional personal injury attorney in Merrillville who can properly assist you with your claim.

When you are injured in such an accident, it is important to fully document it with someone from the premises where the fall occurred. Any witnesses to the accident should be identified and contacted.

Our skilled attorneys from the Sarkisian Law Offices will be able to fully document any negligence involved in your accident in order to ensure that you receive adequate compensation for your loss. We recommend that you contact us for a free initial consultation to determine the extent of your claim.

Premises Liability

All kinds of injuries are reported every day which have taken place on someone else’s premises, whether it be at a:

  • work place
  • community center
  • sporting event
  • city or county property

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury on someone else’s property, you need the assistance of a Merrillville injury lawyer.

Many injuries to the back, neck, spine or even fractures can be caused by negligence. Proper investigation of such an accident can provide you with the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustain.

Products Liability

Indiana law requires that manufacturers and sellers of products ensure that their products are not in any way defective or dangerous to users.

Companies must provide proper warning if any part of their product is unsafe or if using the product in a certain way could be hazardous to the user’s safety or health. Many of the injuries or deaths that are the result of defective products could have been avoided if manufacturers designed better products, and manufactures and sellers of those products followed the law and properly warned users of product dangers.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Merrillville Today

The attorneys at Sarkisian Law Offices believe that companies who don’t follow the law should be held accountable. For over 30 years, our firm has helped obtain compensation for people injured or killed by dangerous products.