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US Dept of Transportation Railroad Safety Info

Daily train commuters have increased in numbers in the last decade. With increased use comes an increased risk for train accidents.

Attorney for injury suffered in a train accidentAccidents may happen due to:

  • distracted railway engineers
  • poor railway maintenance
  • unsafe operators

Other accidents may be caused by a vehicle or pedestrian crossing the tracks without taking proper precaution.

Railway companies and train engineers are required to operate within certain safety guidelines. Similarly, passengers crossing the railway by foot, bike, or car should adhere to safety rules.

Regardless of how far away a train may seem, they travel at high speeds, and engineers are not always able to see you or your vehicle when crossing. Stopping a train quickly is not an option in some of these common railway accidents.

When accidents occur, they may result in serious injury or lost lives for those who are involved.

If you have been injured in a train accident or as a result of a railway accident, Sarkisian Law Offices can help determine your rights and responsibilities.